Simply Irresistible Havanese

Crate Training Your Havanese Puppy

We utilize crate training with our Havanese puppies for . We recommend purchasing a pet home, divider panel and floor grid. When your havanese puppy is young you will want to use the divider panel to reduce the amount of area that he or she has to roam inside the crate. If your puppy has too much room inside the crate he will want to go potty at one end of the crate and then rest at the other end. Since your Havanese puppy doesn't want to potty where he sleeps the divider panel will reduce the area of the crate until they are old enough


Familiarize your Havanese puppy with his new home

Start when your Havanese puppy is very young and have them sleep in their new crate. The Havanese breed will train themselves to seek comfort and security inside their crate, which will act as their den.

Containing your Havanese puppy

Once  your Havanese puppy is comfortable with his crate restrain him at the door by using the door while praising him. Your Havanese puppy will soon feel secure in his home with the door closed. Walk further and further away from him while praising. Your Havanese puppy will eventually accept being in his crate with the door closed.

Instruct your Havanese puppy on where to go potty

The Havanese breed needs to potty every 2-4 hours. Start a schedule of letting your puppy out and direct them to where you want him to relieve himself. The schedule should be first thing in the morning, before bedtime and after feedings. Teach your Havanese puppy the path from his crate to the door, praise them at the door and then take him out to the portion of the yard where you want them to go potty. Your Havanese puppy will develop a potty schedule that will be installed in him for life. As they get older (4-6 months) you can leave him in his crate for a longer period of time. Soon your new best friend can be in his crate all day or until someone comes home. It is the instinct of the Havanese breed to keep his crate and himself clean, so he wont want to potty where he sleeps.

Encourage your Havanese puppy

Don't force your Havanese puppy into his crate but encourage them to enter the crate. It is normal for your Havanese puppy to be shy and back out of his crate.  Don't immediately close the door, but rather let him go in and out of the crate on his own.  This will help your Havanese puppy get comfortable with his crate.