Hopefully this information will help you consider both sexes of Havanese and will assist you in your final selection.

Many of the breeds personality traits are influenced by their hormones. By spaying and neutering your dog you will greatly lessen the affect of the female and male hormones on your new companion. Neutering your male Havanese puppy before he reaches maturity will ensure that he will not develop the bad habits of lifting his leg to mark his territory. Most males when neutered as  puppies will squat just like the female dog. The male Havanese will also not chase female Havanese in heat while you are on a walk. A spayed female puppy wont have a messy heat cycle every 6 months. A female in heat can be very moody and once spayed you will not need to experience this.

Most people believe that a female makes a better pet than a male because they don't have any bad habits. From our experience our customers are just as happy with their male Havanese as they are with their female Havanese.

Simply Irresistible Havanese

As far as attitudes both the male and female are very loving and always ready to please, just as a dog breed should be. The female Havanese tend to be a bit more demanding since they expect you to please them in return for their companionship, thus the female "love me" characteristics as mentioned earlier. Female Havanese puppies often have their own agenda and will let you know what they want. The male Havanese seems to be content to lie by your feet and simply enjoy your company, thus the Havanese male "I love you" characteristic

Female Havanese are a little smaller than the male Havanese both in overall size and weight. This is not always true though sometimes a female Havanese can be larger than a male Havanese.

Other things to consider is that the cost of neutering your male dog is normally lower than the cost of spaying your female Havanese, because neutering is a simpler surgical procedure with a quicker recovery time. Spaying a female Havanese is a little more complicated since they remove the uterus. This is why spaying costs more and the female Havanese doesn't recover as fast as the male Havanese does after neutering.

Female Havanese can be  more stubborn and territorial than the male Havanese. They can also be a little more reserved and have mood changes. Female Havanese mature a little faster and they tend to learn faster as a puppy than the male Havanese. Male Havanese tend to be more attentive an a bit more protective over their things than the female Havanese. Neutering helps with this, but it is still in the Havanese males nature to be protective.

Male Havanese vs. Female Havanese

There  are no major differences in personalities between male Havanese and female Havanese. The Havanese breed has a friendly temperament and nature and love to have your attention. Both male Havanese and female Havanese make great companions. There are slight differences between male Havanese and female Havanese though. The characteristics of a female Havanese states "love me" and a male Havanese characteristics state. "I love you"